BAM Magazine

Now comes Don Henry's Epic Debut, "Wild In The Backyard" - a

startlingly original record that makes most other singer/songwriter

material seem like half a loaf. That's because Henry serves up right-

brain whimsy on par with WHITE ALBUM era McCartney, John

Sebastian, and John Prine. Yet, his songs are also touching and

tender. So if the very term "singer/songwriter" makes you think of

somber people doing ecodirges, here's a breath of fresh air. Don

Henry's songs are little movies that are every bit as funny-and moving

-as something like "RAISING ARIZONA"



Entertainment Weekly

Henry comes across as a first cousin to Randy Newman, writing hot-

wired songs about born-again whores, interfaith marriages, and the

homeless taking over the White House. This is funny and thought

provoking stuff, all of it good.



Billboard Magazine

Critics Choice! Should make an impact at AC and smart college



Philadelphia Daily News

It would be correct but superficial to call Don Henry an expert

craftsman. His most obvious strength is an ability to spin engaging

tales that are heavy on plot rather than abstract emotions or vague

personal impressions. His characters - misplaced farm boys, romantic

prima donnas, aging bikers or infidels - are vivid and alive, and have

engrossing stories to tell, with unexpected twists, palpable irony and

cleansing moments of revelation if not always redemption.



CMJ New Music Report

...Jam-packed with good music and stories that are heartfelt and

perceptive with a generous helping of Henry's broad sense of

humor...Although mostly acoustic, some of the tunes are given a pop

feel reminiscent of Randy Newman. Henry has the delightful ability to

paint portraits of characters that are larger than life and at the same

time authentic."


Dirty Linen

[AT MY PLACE, SANTA MONICA, CA] Except for a few hecklers who

jokingly mixed him up with Don Henley (which must happen all the

time), the crowd was won over by this one guy and his guitar, and

anyone this talented at being funny and touching at the same time

certainly won't stay unknown for long. Long may he write.



The Gavin Report

What you get on "Wild in the Backyard" are slanted and tilted views of

American daily life. I've heard Don compared to Randy Newman, and

damned if that ain't valid. Like Newman, Don Henry fiddles with

themes, chords and satire in a way that's both funny and moving.



Milwaukee Sentinel

Henry's world has [an] off-kilter spin. This transplanted Californian

has a different vision. He's an evolutionary descendant of the

singer/songwriters who came of age in the '70's.



Portland Williamette Week

Although he has been called "the Randy Newman of the 90's", singer-

songwriter Don Henry is definitely an original. Along with Ashley

Cleveland and John Hiatt, Henry enjoys the distinction of being a

tunesmith who shares an area code and a love of well-crafted songs

with Nashville, but not much more.



Stereo Review

Henry's album gives full expression to the wonderfully untamed

animals of his imagination. Here's hoping they breed like rabbits.

(Performance: Wacky genious)


L.A. Reader

Don Henry may be the next Randy Newman, a piercingly insightful

songwriter who uses irony like a scalpel. From musings on the cult of

leadership to bittersweet love songs and sheer whimsy, Henry is a

winner on every track."



Neobilly's answer to Harry Chapin.



Audio Magazine

Peformance: A! He writes wry song-stories with richly etched

characters peopling them and memorable melodies propelling them.

The influences of such songmen as Steve Goodman, John Prine and

especially Randy Newman are keen in his work.



The Birmingham News

...[one of the] best 10 of the year so far. Henry is a songwriter who

spears pretention with a sharp tongue, but he also is a student of the

Beatles and other quality songsmiths. His material not only has

something to say, it says it well.



Cincinnati Enquirer

(***) For a co-composer of the moving hit, "Where've You Been", Don

Henry wields a wicked sense of humor.



Nashville Scene

(***1/2) It's not easy to see how the same person that wrote the

remorsefully insightful "Heart Cut in Half" (or "Where've You Been"

which has deservedly won just about every award...) could also pen

the semi-novelty protest song "Into A Mall". But once you've

reconciled the two, you've seen into this singer/songwriter's soul.