Don Henry




Lonestar "Don't Let's Talk About Lisa" D. Henry/Benmont Tench
Bryan White "Holiday Inn" D. Henry/G.Schiera
Kathy Mattea "B.F.D." D. Henry/Craig Carothers
The Thompson Brothers "Back On The Farm Again" D. Henry
Rosie Flores "Who's Gonna Fix It Now" D. Henry/Rosie Flores
Rosie Flores
"Dance Hall Dreams" D. Henry/Rosie Flores
 Kimber Clayton  "I Know That Car"  D. Henry/C. Waters
 Ray Charles  "Class Reunion"  D. Henry/C. Morris
 John Conlee  "Blue Highway"  D. Henry/D. Womack
   "Class Reunion"  D. Henry/C. Morris
    "De Island"   D. Henry/B. Simon
 Ray Kennedy  "Scars"  D. Henry/Ray Kennedy/B. David
   "Back in My Cowboy Days"  D. Henry/Ray Kennedy
 Kathy Mattea  "Where've You Been"  D. Henry/Jon Vezner
    "Beautiful Fool"  D.Henry
 "As Long As I Have a Heart"  D. Henry/D. Wilson
   "Whole Lotta Holes"  D. Henry/J. Vezner
 Don Henry   "Harley"  D. Henry
 Oak Ridge Boys  "Class Reunion"  D. Henry/C. Morris
Dana McVicker   "I Know That Car"   D. Henry/C. Waters
 Eddy Raven   "I Know That Car"  D. Henry/C. Waters
 Gary Morris  "The Man Upstairs"  D. Henry/C. Morris
 T.G. Sheppard  "The Invitation"  D. Henry/D. Franco
 Greg Trooper  "So Far to Go"   D. Henry/Greg Trooper
 Conway Twitty  "Jenny's Souvenirs"  D. Henry/B. Swan
 The Wiggins  "Has Anybody Seen Amy?"  D. Henry/J. Vezner
 Daron Norwood  "You'd Be Home By Now"   D. Henry
    "A Thing Called Love" Soundtrack   D. Henry
 Pake McEntire  "Heart vs. Heart"   D. Henry/M. Parker
 B.J. Thomas  "The Show"  D. Henry/J. Vezner